How to Donate

We welcome contributions from businesses, service organizations and individuals interested in helping to improve the learning capacity, health and well-being of children and youth.

As well as financial contributions, donations of healthy food and other goods are greatly appreciated. Donors are welcome to earmark their contribution for a particular program in their community or to those programs most in need in their community. Donations are also welcome to the Student Nutrition Program as a whole. Please indicate the recipient of your choice on the form below, and we will direct your donation accordingly.

These calculations do not take into account in-kind donations of food and supplies, which can reduce the cost considerably. Most student nutrition programs are closely affiliated with a charitable organization, and are pleased to provide donors with a charitable tax receipt.

To make a financial contribution to a student nutrition program, please click the link below.

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What Does It Cost?

  • The cost of a daily snack (fresh fruit, milk, whole wheat crackers) is approximately $.65/day per child or $130.00/year.
  • The cost of providing a nutritious breakfast to one child, five days a week throughout the school year, is $1.00/day or $200.00/year.
  • The cost of providing a nutritious lunch is approximately $2.00 or $400.00/year.