Haliburton County Food for Kids

Haliburton County Food for Kids works to increase our community's ability and willingness to care for our children by actively supporting child nourishment programs.

Our programs enjoy the support of over 50 local volunteers who help to raise funds, plan, prepare and serve 3500 breakfasts and snacks to students in Haliburton County each week.

In addition to our many individual volunteers, Haliburton County Food for Kids works closely with Community Partners including:




Food For Kids

Picture yourself waking up one day.

You rush to get ready for work. You quickly shower, get dressed and run out the door. You donít have time or maybe even food at home for breakfast. You arrive at work and find it hard to focus. Your stomach is rumbling and youíre tired and cranky from lack of food.

Now letís imagine this is a child we are talking about. Only itís not pretend for many kids in Haliburton Country who normally would start off their day hungry because they didnít have time or the food to eat breakfast before catching the bus for school.

Luckily, these kids donít have to start the day off with empty stomachs thanks to the Food for Kids program that runs in all seven public schools in Haliburton County, including the Haliburton Adult Education and Training Centre and Haliburton Highlands Secondary School. This program provides around 4,000 breakfasts or snacks a week.

ďStudies have shown that children are more focused, learn better and are less likely to act out if they are well-nourished,Ē says coordinator Aaron Walker. ďRushed mornings, long bus rides which they are not allowed to eat on, and possibly lack of food at home all leads to kids not eating breakfast. Some kids donít wake up hungry but by the time they have a long bus ride to school they are and thatís when they donít perform well academically.Ē

The program runs as either a drop in for breakfast, or food is delivered to the classrooms as snacks a few times a week.

ďAny food that is left over is available for those children who might have forgotten their lunch or didnít get one,Ē Walker says. ďSo, if this program didnít run, it amounts to a large number of kids going hungry.Ē

It costs around $70,000 per academic year to run Food for Kids with part of the funds being provided by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, the Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) as well as through grants from the Breakfast for Learning program and the Breakfast Clubs of Canada. Individual fundraisers are also held where all money raised goes directly to food dollars.

While funding is important for the program to run, volunteers are also needed in order for all schools to have the programs run five days a week.

ďFor anyone interested in volunteering they donít have to commit to five days a week,Ē Walker says. ďMany do only one day a week and itís a huge help. It seems to me as the cost of food goes higher and higher that more parents are struggling to stretch their food dollars and there really is no end in sight so itís more and more important to have a program like this.Ē

If you are interested in helping Food for Kids, contact Aaron Walker at 705-455-2358 or you can send a donation to:

Food for Kids c/o Point in Time, 69 Eastern Avenue. P.O, Box 1306, Haliburton Ontario K0M 1S0.



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Participating Schools:

  • J.D. Hodgson Elementary School
  • Archie Stouffer E.S.
  • Stuart Baker E.S.
  • Haliburton Highlands Secondary School
  • Cardiff E.S.
  • Wilberforce E.S.
  • Adult Education Training Center

For more information on Haliburton County Food for Kids, including information on how to volunteer with our program, please contact:

Haliburton Food for Kids

Aaron Walker
Phone: 705-455-2358
We've received the following comments about the Student Nutrition Program from Haliburton school principals:

Since arriving at Cardiff school in 2004, I have seen a dramatic improvement in the students' eating habits and overall awareness of making healthy food choices. For example, four years ago 50% of the student body regularly brought pop to school. That number is now less than 5%.

- Cardiff Elementary School

These programs are of a high quality and we owe this to Karen Phipps and our lead volunteer.

- Archie Stouffer Elementary School

Students look forward to the snack program and enjoy the variety.

- J.D. Hodgson Elementary School

The Healthy Snack Program is the best way to bring knowledge about healthy food.

- Stuart Baker Elementary School