How To Get Involved

In order to give children and youth the nutritious food that will help them excel in school, our student nutrition programs engage many people in local communities. We work closely with organizations and individuals in communities to:

  • recruit and train volunteers
  • raise funds for programs and services
  • launch new programs
  • shop for groceries
  • prepare and serve food

We welcome the support of community members, local businesses and service clubs who contribute funds, or donate nutritious food or other supplies. We also greatly appreciate the efforts of those who take time to volunteer with a student nutrition program by shopping for groceries, preparing food, or serving meals, and showing children and youth that their communities care.

A Story from Eat Well to Excel Simcoe County's student nutrition program

Trisha is a volunteer at the school her children attend. The students rely on Trisha, not only for a healthy breakfast, but also for her welcoming smile and cheerful words of encouragement. The nutrition program gives Trisha a chance to contribute to her community and connect with other people in her neighbourhood. Every day, she and her son and daughter arrive at school a little early so Trisha can prepare a batch of whole-grain muffins or a big bowl of pancake batter. Both her children have breakfast at the program every morning.