Nutrition Guidelines

These Nutrition Guidelines, developed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, are intended to assist student nutrition program providers in selecting nutritious foods for breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

Included in this 35 page document is a Reference Guide to the minimum servings of vegetables and fruit, milk products, grain products, and meat and alternatives needed to achieve the recommended daily intake of food from each group. The Guide includes a printable one-page "Quick Reference," suitable for use in any food preparation area.


Program Guidlines

Ontario’s Student Nutrition Program Guidelines outline the key elements of provincially funded breakfast/morning meal, snack or lunch programs including:

  • Program principles and funding criteria;
  • Service delivery models;
  • Program food;
  • Funding and administration;
  • Data requirements.

Ontario’s Student Nutrition Program Guidelines are applicable to all Lead Agencies, flowthrough agencies, community partnerships and local sites supporting and/or offering breakfast, lunch or snack programs with provincial funding.

Nutrition Guidelines