Set Up Your Program

Step 3:

Set up Student Nutrition Advisory Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to review the results of the survey and establish and monitor the effectiveness of the nutrition program. Include interested teaching staff, support staff, parents/guardians, Public Health nurses or nutritionists, students where appropriate and perhaps community persons who are interested in child nutrition i.e. local businesses, service clubs, interfaith group.

It is helpful for the Student Nutrition Advisory Committee to develop an action plan to implement the SNP that addresses the issues of:

Student Nutrition Programs:
A Guide to Getting Started

Student Nutrition Programs:
A Guide to Getting Started Resource Documents

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Compiled by Mary Bark
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-The Toronto District School Board
-York Region Food for Learning
-Toronto Public Health
(Appendices D & E)
-The Ministry of Children and Youth Services (Appendix F)

Student Nutrition Program - Ontario Central East Region